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Compressed air is becoming an increasingly important part of a ship’s technical equipment.

From a typical setup with 2 piston type starting air compressors, compressed air installations have grown much bigger and now provide deck air, working air, instrument and control air for the maneuvering of the ship, and process air for nitrogen production. Large installations of several hundred kW, with a high energy consumption.

During the seminar, presented by TMC’s Egil Norderhaug, much emphasis was placed on energy saving and reduction of emissions, especially CO2 and NOx. TMC case studies show that with more focus on energy saving and the use of TMC Smart Air compressors, the effective energy consumption may on average be reduced by 40 to 50 %.

This means that emissions from an average installation will be reduced by 94,000 kg CO2 and at the same time cut energy costs by USD 44,000 in one year. This corresponds to emission of 2,829 million kg CO2 and costs of USD 1,320 000 during the lifetime of the ship.

Check out some photos from the seminar below.




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