KET Marine specializes in supplying spare parts and technical services for Westfalia and Alfa Laval separators. Since the founding of the company in 1985, KET Marine has strived to achieve an honourable track record when it comes to providing our customers with the highest quality spares and services available.


In order to deliver as promised KET Marine tends to keep a regular stock of approximately 20.000 different spare parts to make sure we can quote and ship out whatever you require within 24 hours.

In addition the company is able to offer a large pool of exchange bowls for both Westfalia and Alfa Laval, balanced, tested and delivered from stock. Complete engineering and service solutions are also provided to offer the uncompromising quality you need to keep your separators up and running.

Philosophy To remain distinctive as a supplier and to give fulfilment to its vision, KET Marine have formulated a mission statement that is recapitulated in the following key notes:
-KET Marine International B.V. wants to be and remain an attractive and appealing brand to its focus groups, based on its core values and the proven success of its products and solutions.
-KET Marine International B.V. wants to actively communicate with all its focus groups and move them to a state of brand acceptance, by convincing them of the quality and reliability of the products and solutions offered.
-KET Marine International B.V.  strives to provide products and solutions that significantly contribute to optimizing the maintenance and operation of oil separators in the marine and power industry at a cost-effective price.

The company believes that excellence is achieved through precision and persistence. That is why they only work with the highest quality products and the most dedicated team of employees to ensure they will always be able to provide you with everything you need to keep your separators up and running.

Quality Statement The quality policy of KET Marine International B.V. is to satisfy the requirements of its clients in an effective and efficient way. This will ensure KET Marine B.V.'s reputation as a reliable and innovative company in the World-wide Ship-Building, Ship repair & maintenance; Maritime related Industries and will further contribute to a positive growth of the organization.

In order to achieve their objectives, it is the policy of KET Marine International B.V. to establish and maintain an effective, efficient and certified quality management system, planned and developed to comply with international quality standards.

The assessment of conformity of work to contractual and regulatory requirements is made on the basis of objective evidence of quality. This goal will be achieved by controlling the company’s activities / processes, in accordance with the available procedures and / or work instructions using professional personnel which have the necessary experience, expertise and capability for their tasks.

All above mentioned elements have been incorporated in their Quality Management System, which is based on the NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2008 standard and herewith reflects the nature of KET Marine International B.V. and its activities.

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