Air compressors that solve customers' needs have been the main objective for the privately owned Sperre family company from the very beginning. For more than 75 years, Sperre has developed compressors in close collaboration with the most demanding customers around the world.

Sperre supplies state-of-the-art compressors at competitive prices from their highly efficient production facility in Norway. Their value chain provides a number of positive synergy e­ffects which enables the production of compressors in smart and cost-effective ways. The focal point is the high technology and automated production process.

Right from the start, Sperre has supplied starting-air compressors to all kind of vessels. Today, Sperre compressors are installed on every fifth ship on the world's oceans.

A Sperre solution ensures operational reliability and service for the ship, from construction and delivery until the final voyage.

X-Range Compressors
The Sperre X-range compressor offers a number of innovative and improved features. In short, the X-range brings the field of specialized compressors a great step forward to a new level of efficiency. That means considerable savings throughout the lifetime of your compressor system.
   Classic Compressors 
Sperre Classic compressors have a unique reputation – they are by far the most frequently chosen compressors on the world’s oceans. For smaller compressors, the HL range is the ultimate recommendation.
  Complex Systems 
Sperre has an organization with highly skilled and experienced engineers. They develop solutions tailored to the customer’s specifications. Sperre’s technical experts are the best discussion partners, and put together optimal compressor solutions for your special project.
  Containerized Solutions 
Sperre containerized solutions are developed as a result of a need in the market for turn-key solutions. They deliver containerized solutions according to your capacity needs.  
  Booster Compressors 
Sperre Booster Compressors are based on their well know Classic range and developed for high pressure systems as a plug and play solution.


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