ERMA FIRST, the international company designing and manufacturing innovative BWTS, has excelled in the European Business Awards for the Environment, achieving a twofold distinction in the most important and prestigious environmental awards in Europe, that successfully combine innovation, environmental protection and commitment to the cyclical economy. The 7th European Business Awards for the Environment Ceremony was organized by PASEPPE and the European Commission at the Athens War Museum on Wednesday 24 October 2018. During the ceremony, a total of 13 companies were awarded in 6 different categories.

ERMA FIRST was awarded the Product & Services Award for the innovative and certified by international organizations, including the US Coast Guard, Ballast Water Treatment System that designs and produces, as well as the Business & Biodiversity Award for its contribution to halting biodiversity loss and supporting natural ecosystems.

Mr. Konstantinos Stampedakis, Managing Director of ERMA FIRST S.A., referred to the importance of protecting the environment and the contribution that we all ought to have through our business activities as well as units. He also stated, "We would like to thank PASEPPE for this prestigious award. We are overwhelmed and proud for this award, as we consider it to be a tremendous recognition of our efforts and dedication coming from a group of brilliant people, whom I am honored to have in our team. In ERMA FIRST we are oriented towards two directions, innovation and environmental protection. We will continue our efforts to offer even more innovative technologies under the umbrella of environmental awareness and compliance. "