Wencon UW Putty is a two-component compound, to be applied on wet surfaces or under water.

The UW Putty is excellent for filling up holes, dents and rebuilding of surfaces which, due to high humidity, have to be done in wet conditions. Wencon UW Putty is developed for applications, where bigger quantities is needed in one process.Typical applications are corroded hulls and all underwater parts of vessels and structures, tanks, pipes, flange faces, etc. Wencon UW Putty is also suitable for filling gaps and holes under water or on wet surfaces, before completion with Wencon UW Cream or UW Coating.


  • Can be applied on wet surfaces or under water
  • Cures under water and on wet surfaces
  • Stop leaking pipes and tanks
  • Long pot-life under water
  • Strong adhesion to all metal surfaces

 uw putty specifications

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