Athens: A new Handysize bulk carrier concept design – the Green Dolphin, uses existing technologies to meet owners' needs for fuel efficiency and operational flexibility while also being ready for future environmental regulations.


"The focus has been on reducing the fuel consumption while giving owners different options to meet the future expected environmental regulations. The concept design is ready for the owners' preferred choice, whether that it is to run on heavy fuel oil using emission treatment systems or to switch to low sulphur fuels or LNG."


The Green Dolphin concept design is a five-cargo-hold CSR double-hull bulk carrier that meets current and future expected air and water emissions regulations. The design aims to be fuel-efficient and maintenance–friendly, with high operational flexibility.


"Recognising that there is more to profitable shipping than just compliance, we have consulted widely with owners and yards to ensure that Green Dolphin can be tailored to suit individual operational needs," continues Hu Jin-Tao.

Green Dolphin's main dimensions also suit the majority of the world's ports which receive Handysize bulk carriers.


The hull design has been a combined effort by SDARI and DNV. The hull is designed to provide improved overall performance at different loading conditions, speeds and sea states. The propulsion efficiency is increased through the fitting of a wake equalising duct in front of a large-diameter, slow-rotating propeller. A rudder transition bulb and rudder fins reduce the hub vortex and recover rotational losses.