The LDM is an innovative service for safe, fast and accurate measuring of cylinder liner wear and clover-leafing. This service can be provided without the need for removing the cylinder head or valve housing, making it cost and time efficient, available globally.

By using the LDM service it is possible to avoid unplanned off-hire and reduce overhauling costs through continual monitoring of the cylinder condition. Furthermore, pre-inspection of the cylinder condition before a piston overhaul will minimize downtime and cost.



Our LDM service allows:

  • Early detection of abnormal cylinder wear and verification of counter-measures.
  • Verification of cylinder wear before dry-docking.
  • Detection of abnormal cylinder deformation and wear before it leads to failure.

The LDM service is suitable for all 2-stroke engines with 500 – 980mm bore, and offers fast and precise in-situ measurement of cylinder liner wear and shape with no need to remove the cylinder cover or dismantle critical engine parts.

 The LDM was developed and tested in close cooperation with end users as well as marine workshops, engine builders and engine designers.

Of significant importance was the cooperation with market-leading low-speed engine designer MAN Diesel & Turbo, which has issued a “No Objection Letter” as well as an approval certificate for the latest version of the measurement tool.



UMAR | WSR offers:

  • On the spot measurement.
  • Wear liner results.
  • Professional report and analysis.
  • Recommendations on repairs and counter-measures.
  • Repair products and services when needed, such as:
    • Liner shape restoration.
    • Honing
    • Grinding.
    • Wear edge removal.

For further information please contact us for a live presentation of the service by our technical department.