ROG Ship Repair BV Exclusive Representation Agreement for Cyprus, Greece and Russia   WSR Ship Repairs is proud to announce that the collaboration with ROG Ship Repairs has expanded through exclusive representation of the company in Cyprus, Greece and Russia.  

ROG Ship Repair is one of the leading ship repair companies with a yard on a central, easy accessible and strategic location in the main port of Rotterdam. The terminal is a recognized port facility as required by the ISPS code, whereas efficient in and out “open sea” access is guaranteed due to being west of all bridges. Alongside the jetties there are lay-by facilities for marine, sea-going and jack up (without back fi lling) vessels up to 190 mtr length, 60 mtr breadth and 9,5 mtr draft. ROG Ship Repair offers up to 1400 ton floating crane, 500 ton harbour crane and 300 ton crawler crane capacity and a large yard area of more than 14,000 sqm with a fully equipped workshop and skilled personnel.

ROG Ship Repair offers:

  • Afloat Repairs
  • Mechanical Repairs
  • Ship Repairs
  • Electrical Repairs
  • Riding Squads
  • Berth Facilities

ROG Ship Repair is a subsidiary of Rotterdam Offshore Group.