WSR Ship Repairs is proud to announce the exclusive representation of DSIC Marine Services Co. Ltd. in Cyprus and Singapore.

DSIC constitutes one of the largest and most capable shipyard groups in China possessing rich experience of ship/offshore industry with over 100 years history. The company owns about 20 subsidiaries located in Dalian area, including ME, Rudder/Tailshaft, Propeller manufacture companies etc. DSIC Marine Services is one subsidiary of DSIC, and concentrating on the ship/offshore repairs and conversion. 


No.1 Drydock 420m×68m×-14.6m
No.2 Drydock 330m×58m×-13.4m
No.1 Berth 500m×-10.8m
No.2 Berth 576m×-10.8m
No.3 Berth 827m×-10.8m
No.4 Berth 310m×-10.8m
Entering Channel -8.6m


The agreement was signed by DSIC Marine Services Co. Ltd. Director of Sales and Marketing Jia Dalong and UMAR|WSR Group COO Vangelis Tsangarides in China.