Lifejacket Foundation

The Life Jacket Foundation is a result of many years of community service that was eventually developed by the founders into a non-profit organisation involved in projects offering assistance to individuals as well as other organisations working with children.

Every company in the group of UMAR|WSR contributes a fixed amount to the foundation with every order we take, resulting in an annual donation. In this way we involve our clients as well as individuals, who share our vision and sense of social responsibility.

Our aim is to involve everybody with this membership by becoming a member of this important project and with your participation you will help improve people’s lives. Like every membership card, we provide a variety of benefits, such as discounts and special offers to our cardholder. We are pleased to offer you products from selected brands and entertainment services.

Your support will be greatly appreciated by the worthwhile cause Life Jacket Foundation. The annual donation of members is valued at €10.



Discount 20% 
excluding promos

Discount 20% on lunch
Discount 15% on dinner
Discount 15% on delivery

Discount 10%

Discount 20% in-store
excluding discount items

Discount 10% on products
Discount 10% for disabled families

Discount 23%
plus promos

The Life Jacket

Latest Event

On April 10 2016 Limassol Marathon will take place in Limassol at Molos at 9:00 a.m To make this event successful we are seeking support from organizations and friends like you.

UMAR WSR & LJF is supporting this event and we cordially invite you to attend to the Limassol Marathon for the 5Km race. Until today 65 persons will participate at this event!

This is a charity for children who need assistance and faith to be able to stand in the community. Run for a good cause and make every mile matter.

Lifejacket donates funds

  • Apostolos Loukas School