1. Air Products - Oxygen & Nitrogen Generators
  2. Aluminox - Galley and laundry equipment (Greece)
  3. AMI Exchangers - manufacturer of replacement marine charge air coolers and heat exchangers for the marine industry (United Kingdom)
  4. Atlas Incinerator - Sludge Oil & solid waste incinerators (Denmark)
  5. Azcue Pumps - Centrifugal and Screw type pumps. (Spain)
  6. CC Jensen - Filtration systems for diesel engine fuel and lubrication systems, hydraulics/winches, thrusters, cranes, hatch covers, ramp systems, reduction gears, steering gears, stern tubes, water jets and bilge water systems. (Denmark)
  7. Chris Marine - Engine maintenance machines, valve grinding, honing machines, fuel analyzing units, Ultrasonic cleaning systems (Sweden)
  8. Corrosion Control - Anti-fouling anodes (ICAF) and impress current cathodic protection systems (ICCP) (The Netherlands)
  9. Federal Mogul - 2 stroke and 4 stroke engine piston rings (Sweden/Germany)
  10. Econosto - Valves, Actuators, level gauges, instrumentation, gaskets and sealing rings, hoses, couplings and fittings, plastic piping. (The Netherlands)
  11. Enwa - Water treatment systems RO systems
  12. Flynn Refrigeration - Refrigeration and air conditioning systems and spare parts. (United Kingdom)
  13. German Lashing - Cargo Securing and lashing equipment for container and RoRo vessels (Germany)
  14. Lagersmit - Stern tube sealing systems (The Netherlands)
  15. IOP Marine - (Obel-P) hand-powered and air-powered fuel-injector test rigs & Hydraulic Power Packs for diesel engine (Sweden)
  16. Ket Marine B.V - Separator Spares Parts, complete overhaul service and exchange service for separator bowls. (The Netherlands)
  17. KOCKUMATION- Typhon, ballast tank measuring system, loading software, sonic cleaning (Sweden)
  18. Kongsberg Maritime - Engine room & automation systems, Automatic identification system (AIS), sensors & transmitters, tank gauging & measurement, navigation and dynamic positioning systems, simulators, Underwater camera Systems (Norway)
  19. PBM - Authorised woodward service station in Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Governors on exchange basis, spare parts supply & service of remote control systems
  20. Polarmarine - Ship tank cleaning equipment, Fixed, submerged and portable machines (Sweden)
  21. Rotor - All types of electric motors all sizes including intrinsically safe and all voltages, motors made for pumps, ventilation systems, davits, cranes, port machinery, hydraulic systems, compressors and various other equipment. (The Netherlands)
  22. SPX APV - Plate heat exchangers (coolers/Heaters) and Fresh Water Generators (Denmark)
  23. Sperre compressors - Piston Type starting air compressors, water cooled, air cooled, X-Type (Norway)
  24. Tamrotor (TMC) - Screw type air compressors, Smart air-compressors, air dryers and filters for any demand of compressed and oil-free air. (Norway)
  25. Turbomare - Spare parts and service centre for ABB, MAN B&W, MET and IHI turbocharges
  26. Uson Marine - Waste management equipment
  27. Wencon - Epoxy products for rebuilding and protection (emergency repair kits)
  28. Umar Shipping Services - Class approved bridge navigation watch alarm systems (BNWAS) and wind anemometers complying with all oil majors requirements. (Cyprus)
  29. Wortelboer - Anchors, chains, and accessories in all sizes and diameters. (The Netherlands)
  30. Erma First: Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS)
  31. EPE: Manufacturers of OWS, sewage treatment plants, Fresh water Generators.
  32. Hudong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd, China Licensee of MAN B&W & Wartsila Engines